leave before the lights come on

I've always and will be a big fan of collars on clothing!
I think it adds a little bit of a boyish charm to a feminine outfit whenever its worn.
I recently decided to make a set of dresses that were collared button ups featuring no sleeves.
The maroon colour would be one of my favourites, as the colour is a standout in styling with darker shades.

Dress: own design
Knit jumper: Dotti
Ring: Diva
Bracelets: Diva


The Desert Fox said...

Wow I can't believe you made that dress yourself, I would totally buy it haha. Great photos, and you look awesome.


Tifa said...

Awww so cute !!! I love the collar fashion as well :)

Looking forward to future blog posts ;D

-------------- said...

wow! you're so talented <3
love that dress!
i also design and sew my own cloth. maybe l'll make them as my first giveaway^^


Jestil said...

Great pictures and such a nice dress, love it <3
greetings from germany

Eve xox said...

i LOVE how you take your photos, do you edit them in photoshop? they look lovely! very tempted to try and do a similar style as i really am not doing too well with my lighting issues! The clothes you make are stunning by the way :) xx