the man who sold the world

I had time today after class to drop by the shops and have a little browse around.
I came across a Nirvana shirt in the mens section at Big W and could not resist on buying it for only $15. It was just a simple tee with the bands logo in bright yellow font, and the smiley face was what got me sold !
Though I'm not the biggest Nirvana fan, however i have listened and respected their music style and coincidentally loved smells like teen spirit * (thought it was sweet child of mine whoops!!) ever since i heard it during a music class back in the days. I actually plan on destroying the shirt and converting it into an oversize singlet, since I don't normally wear t-shirts. I also got myself a pair of boots, as i needed new shoes without large heels to sew in for only $19. I managed to also squeeze in time for Spotlight (fabric store, also known as my heaven), and purchased velvet material in forest green, which will be made into a skirt and black fringing that I plan to place on a dress I've made ! More to show on my sewing projects ahead :)


Candypop said...

I love band shirts i own a couple!!! and coincidentally i was browsing through catalogs and looked through the Big W one and saw this haha


tcn. said...

isnt sweet child of mine by guns and roses?

Julia said...
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Julia said...

I am your new reader. Your blog is great and I´m looking forward to new posts like this. Nirvana was such a great band. I like T-shirts with oldschool print.

Laura said...

Love Nirvana! Great post. I love an Nirvana shirt from H&M and I wear it all the time. But yeah sweet child of mine is actually by guns and roses. Do you mean smells like teen spirit?


Bea said...

living near snow isn't such great ... actually i hate it, i wished i could live in a country where it's endless summer :)
thank you, i'm following you too :)


Pop Champagne said...

they're such a classic rock!!

ss fashion world said...

Cool !

blanc-out said...

AHAHA yes smells like teen spirit!!
embarrassed ***

Alysa Dela Cruz said...

great blog! thanks for following! hugs! :)) Following you back now :)