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Just finished a project that was set at the start of last month.
A friend of mine approached me with an idea to create a menswear piece for him. At first i was rather skeptical with this proposal since i have not done menswear and do not plan to do so in the future, but the challenge and he's eager to represent a piece I've made myself was what got me to take it on board.
The design and concept were all designed by my friend. He chose to have contrasting colours of grey and white due to its neutral elements when it comes to styling.
The hardest part of making this was finding the right pattern in order to achieve the slim fitting look. He wanted darts on the back as he has a slimmer torso than most guys. Also there were limited mens pattern at Spotlight and they all seemed to not fit the idea my friend wanted. Luckily as i was browsing in an op shop, i found an old second hand pattern that was perfect for the shirt and the rest was history.

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