eyes be closed

As I am posting this blog post, I have several tabs opened to eBay items that I have brainwashed myself into thinking I need them, when in fact I don't?
ebay has become so addictive lately, with so many good finds and not to mention, shopping in the comfort of your own home is the added bonus.
I find it a second option as opposed to making the clothes myself, when it comes to finding more pieces to add to my wardrobe as all garments have been worn and comes with a story. I know it sounds odd but I love the fact the clothing were once cherished and styled by someone else and now they're being re-used to fit in with my style. Environmentally friendly i say !

Top: Own design
Pants: Now
Ring: Diva
Bracelet: Miscellaneous


Laura said...

That pied du poule top is amazing! Can't believe you made it yourself! What a great design. Make one for me haha :p


-------------- said...

i love your top so much ! you're so talented my dear <3
and that black cat is so cute
anyway, come and see my blog again if you have time <3


Itssa Bandicoot said...

the photos are awesome! and ebay is my obsession too!


Sooji said...

I love~~~ your post! Makes me want to do a nail inspired by your looks someday;D

Lea said...

really love your top and your bracelet with the cross

Martina P. said...

amazing pictures <3

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I love the top, it's awesome - you are seriously talented girl!
Thanks for visiting my blog by the way - first and only comment so far :)
Gems - Fashion Well Done

Anonymous said...

I love your style!
You've got yourself a new follower!


Seeking Style said...

Great top! You're very talented!

xo Jennifer