pulling on a line

Although we are now heading into the colder seasons in Australia, I kind of felt like i had missed out on the colour trend of pastels during the spring/summer.
Pastels has not been a popular trending colour palette in Brisbane, which really does say that we're seasons behind everyone else. I'm usually not a very colourful person, however i have recently fallen in love with pastel colours and the whole new subculture of 'nu goth (pastel goths)'. It's refreshing to see and wear softer colours as oppose to always wearing black. I know I'm wearing the colours in a different season, but the weather all year round here is exactly like spring/ summer and bending the fashion rules is what we all do best. Who really does follow the fashion rules these days?

Outfit 1
Top: Thrifted
Stockings: general

Outfit 2
Top: eBay
Skirt: Own design


Nadiye Meral said...

i think it is so cool that you make your own clothes! it all looks really pretty :) x

Lady_nat said...

Love the blue blouse <3

FC01. said...


aztec tshirt!

FC01. said...

It's a date! Material shopping, clothes shopping, and movie! Two weeks time ?! :)

Anonymous said...

i really like these outfits! i'm following you now!
xx emma