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This little post is just a haul of things I picked up whilst on a shopping spree today.
With studying in progress for the last 2 weeks, I have had no time for myself. So with no classes today I took the opportunity to catch up on some shopping therapy, as it was long overdue.
Items I bought:
- A pile of materials (comprising of velvet, stretch suede, lace etc...)
- White top by Trent Nathan
- Mustard crochet singlet by Caroline Morgan
- Spike necklace from Lovisa
- Mary Jane creepers look-a-like shoes from Novo
- Laptop case and colour markers from Typo (I actually don't own a laptop, however I love the satchel style on the case that I thought about using it as a big clutch for my school books.)

I've been very much inspired by the whole "dark" concept lately, through the way I dress and the inspirations I take from photographs. You could say I have a big admiration for the subcultures of goth, punk, rock, grunge as seen through my blog. Even though I don't heavily dress or conform to one of those subcultures, I do like to take the edginess represented in those fashion cultures and use that in my own style. A piece I've always been fond of are creepers! I absolutely think they're ridiculously ugly but that's what makes it so appealing to wear. Me, being a full time student and living on a low income cannot yet purchase my very own pair as it is very expensive in Australia, however I found these Mary-Jane imitation of creepers that i could not pass up for only $5 ! They will be my favourite pair of shoes until I buy myself the real deal.


Laura said...

I love the lacey singlet <3

Dianne Tho said...

love that brown top, amazing

lacinho rosa said...

nice shopping things:)

Squared said...

very cool blog:D enjoyed being here.. come by and let's follow each other ;)

ISIIs.life.STYLE said...

I love the outfits *__*

Anonymous said...
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betty; said...

Fashion students unite :D haha
thanks for the lovely comment, I love reading comments. We share an interest in fashion and BIG BANG omg :P Yeah my hair is taking so long to grow.. but patience is key (Y)
and yes I love that its more mellow and not the electro pop sound

check out my new post.. it's about shoes ^^

much love from,

Tone-Lise said...

I love it, looks awesome:)

Nee said...

thanks a lot for the comment:)
following you now, hope to see more from you:)


Anonymous said...

I love that crochet top!!

Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a fun comment :)


Anonymous said...

I loved it, I'll follow ♥

Theresia Novianti said...

love your white tp ;)

Poppy Male said...

these are great pics :) I LOVE THE creepers xx poppymale.blogspot.com


adore the laptop case *.*

Sooji said...

Love the undergroundish mood of your blog, so chic! :D Would you like to follow eachother?