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The weather has not been giving today, as I woke up feeling very cold and spent the whole day indoors away from the rain. Not like I ever go out anyways since weekends are fully dedicated to college work, work itself and sewing!
Another exciting package arrived on my doorstep today from an eBay purchase I did recently. It's an oversize rose/flower embellished sheer button up kimono style dress shirt (that would be a mouth full to say). The dress shirt reminds me of Addams Family Morticia's elongated black dress with embellished sleeves and bottoms. I'm still not sure how I would style it, as it looks a bit draggy just worn over the body. But I do love the jaggered edges and the floral embellishment all around the arm sleeves. I may pair it up with a metal belt or just have it as a throw over on my outfits.


Nadiye Meral said...

thank you for your comment!
oh I love the dress you received.. :)
following! xo

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So awesome!!

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ox from NYC!


Mery Arbi said...

thanks for ur sweet coment on my blog! i like urs so i'm following now, would u like to follow eachother?

Elisa said...

Hey!! Thanks for the visit!! You should definitely buy the pants btw =)...wanna follow each other??

Xx Elisa


Suvarna Gold said...

hey love

thx for the comment

will make a free give away soon

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Diane said...

Love the top it's original! And thank you for the comment!!

Loren. said...

That dress is amazing! Love your blog :) x

UnA said...

Amazing post..
lovely top u got there.
Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog and followed you. I hope you can follow me back as well =)


Yolandaas said...

thanks for your comment! isnt it lovely to receive parcels of something you've ordered.. i love it! have a nice day x