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I recently took a trip to Spotlight (Fabric store), and picked up some lace in an off green colour that was on special. I knew I would not use the colour for any garments, however I had the idea to dye the fabric black using Rit dye. I spent all week dying about 5 meters of lace, stirring every 30 minutes or so, and leaving it in for about 2-3 days. After washing the dye out with cold water, the black lace was a success and there was no sign of it ever being another colour. I am now a big fan of dye and will be dying a lot of things from now on !

Spent today making tops out of the lace and a patterned material I found in my fabric box. These tops will be my go-to-tops this season, as prints and lace will be forever trending.


-------------- said...

nice pattern and romantic black and white <3


Jestil said...

Gorgeous blouses <3
Really nice decision.
Wish you a great weekend
Lovely greetings from Jestil

Candypop said...

OMG you made these?! they look sooo amazing!!
I wish i could sew like you!
Hmm i think they both have their levels of comfort the quiet riot ones are abit more wide in comparison to the romwe ones which have a longer shape to the shoe. Both are comfortable :) you should get a pair theyre quite affordable compared to the Hellraisers by Unif.

<3 thanks for the advice love!


StreetChic said...

wow! that's so stunning!
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Jess said...

oh my word. you made those top shirts!? to die for. i want one. follow each other? let me know :)



Ella said...

Wow those shirts loo great! I need more black and white monocrome in my wardrobe xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Karrie Nodalo said...

Hello! Adorable tops! <3 Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog http://camerakarrie.blogspot.com/2012/02/outfit-post-floral-valentine.html Yes it's okay! hihi Followed! =)

Babe said...

Thank youu ! You're so nice :)

Charlotte said...

Amazing tops...I love that you dyed and made them!!! So inspiring.


therrie said...

I love what you did, the tops look great! (:

Maria said...

Lovely tops! I loveeee lace! xx

Thanks for stopping by at my blog, I'm following u now!