pretty handsomely awkward

Attended an art excursion today for visual art class. We went to visit the art museum of GOMA displaying apt6 artworks in southbank. The whole purpose of this visit was to select 3 artworks to use in my assignment, however it was more enjoyed as a free time with mates running around and acting like idiots. The day started off so early, leaving school on a hot bus at 8:30am. We arrived at 10am and had time to walk around the art centre by ourselves. In awe, i was amazed with the highly constructed artworks that were displayed so beautifully. Every room, every wall in the art centre had displays of artworks showcasing ranges of story telling and narratives, sculptural and film pieces. We walked around for hours taking photos and just interacting with the artwork that allowed us to participate in. There were many unique, different, outrageous, amazing and out of the world artworks, that really made me appreciate art so much more, as the time and effort artists have put in to create such artworks for people like me to enjoy is very gracious. The day than began to get gloomy and rained on us while we were eating at a cafe located next to the art centre. We ended the day with another trip around the art centre, just so everyone had gotten enough information. We all met back at the art centres gift shop , where it was optional to purchase. Later, we all got loaded onto the bus to end our art trip. In the end it was very enjoyable to view such fine works of art, it really did inspire me to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to art; as art really isn't about the traditional techniques in the works, rather it's more so on the new evolution in creating another dimensional artworks people can view with curiosity.

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