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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2009

I know this post is too late to post but i was rummaging through my old photos and came across these fashion week photos i took, and thought to myself that i have to post it. A very big thing that is apart of my life is fashion, from the trends to the fads. I aspire to be a designer in many areas, yet fashion is going to always be one that i shall always dream of. The fashion show was one of my first show i have been too, i was accompanied by my darling friend Vanessa. The show went for about an hour and a half and displayed the most inspiring and unique clothing from such talented young designers.

My favourite for the night has to be Dogstar, it showcased a range of grunge and urban street wear which i for one is accustomed to wearing. The way Dogstars designer has contrasted the dark colors such as the blacks and greys in the clothing gave off such an edgy yet feminine look, which i loved.

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