one of those nights

It's hard to believe that i've already been at school for 5 weeks, already half way through the term and school hasn't been getting any better. The weather also doesn't help, it reached to the point where even fanning yourself was not even a capable task as it was too hot to even move. Luckily me and my friend vinh found a room that contained an aircon and lazed in there for the whole lunch. Speaking of school, i have so many assessments and work to be done:
- Home economics assignment
- Multi-strand assignment
- English novel
- Fashion folio
- Art assignment
and this is only the start. I don't even know where to begin with these assignments where its getting to the point of fustration. If only school was abit easier for those who are incapable of thinking too hard then it shall be a success.

A movie to look out for this coming season is none other than Alice in Wonderland.

The make-up, costume and visual effects has defined the true art of film production. Not only is the storyline of Alice in Wonderland a fantastic fairytale, but also the portrail of the characters in the movie really captures an audiences attention.

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