the man who cant be moved

I want to get my hands on one of these sunnies, but the price is at $200! My face figure has made it difficult to buy the right fitting, i so far have 2 pairs of sunglasses, yet they both dont satisfy my likings. I did have a thing for those ray bans, but looking back at it now, i dont really fancy them as so many people have opted to buy them. The thing is if you see it one everyone way to many times, its jsut a turn off.

I was watching a video clip of 2ne1's i dont care mv, and noticed a pair of sunglasses CL wore in it, that made me go giddy. I love these sunnies, kind of reminds me of the scene in charlie and the chocolate factory where they had to wear white glasses to protect their eyes in the white room. I gotta get myself one of the replicated.

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