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My Jacket fetish .

Most of my freinds know that i have the biggest love for jackets. Even though i live in a country where winter is never seen and the weather is always hot as smoke, i seem to have collected over more jackets than dresses instead. I dont know why they appeal to me so much, but i just love the texture in different jacket styles and the way they just sit on your shoulders so comfortably. So many styles and ranges it comes in and possibly everyone looks good in them, so i guess that is why i love them so much. Most recently i have came across a jacket designer who has caught my attention, Balmain creates the most astonishing and daring jackets alive, the way the jacket sits on an angle makes it or the more appealing to ones eye.

Love the military inspired look, and the color and sequins contrasting effect. Might i add that shoulders pads are soooo in now ! Gotta love the large over-bearing shoulder pads, that just stands out in any crowd.

One of my favourite jackets out of my collection has to be my black and grey fading effect jacket . This one caught my attention straight away not only by the colour but the price, it was $50 slashed down to only $30 at a little boutique store in elizabeth arcade, and i just had to have it. It's light to wear and the coloring texture is amazingly catchy, and goes with basic clothing. It also has small shoulder pads that absolutely makes it comfortable on the shoulders, like a little pillow to rest my head if ever tired.

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