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Happy Chinese New Years
Chuc Mung Nam Moi


Happy Valentines Day
Today is the day in celebration of a new year in the asian calender and also the day for love. It started this morning with a big family feast, where mother slaved away in the kitchen preparing such asian cuisines. In much delight as we munched down on the food we were given li xi, which is a red envelope consisting of money a way to wish goodluck in the year. Then there was valentines day, nothing much was done except a whole lot of kisses as a kind gesture on this love day, even though single and lonely i wasn't deprived of the celebration, many thanks to freinds for purchasing me roses as a kind gesture in saying " even though your a lonely bitch, who hasn't found love. I still love you ".

Taeyang - young dongbae
This man needs no introduction, his sexiness says it all. He's a singer from the boyband Big Bang and is currently doing his solo activties. Best known for his rnb voice and songs such as where u at and wedding dress, he has made it into various charts topping number 1.
I love Taeyang period .

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