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Yes i must admit, i'm rather a lazy blogger and much of a slacker when it comes to sticking with anything. So this fat blog shall be called the 'catch up' , as it shall explain indepthly into what has happened during the last 2 months, which is December and January.
December :
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas
-New Years eve

December was an eventful month as not only was i in the midst of holiday mode, but there was much celebrating to be held in great joy. Christmas in my family consisted of the usual burnch with the whole gang, this year was not much different. We all over slept as usual on Christmas Day, and as we all approached the hour of gathering, the guest came late and the turkey was overcooked. But hey it wouldn't be Christmas if these little things don't mess up right ? Cause at the end of the day it's not about the goodness of presents or the delicacy of the foods, but rather the family quality time that is spent together , which is the most imnportnat part of Christmas. Mind you presents should also be important too.
As December came to an end the New year was creeping up, i had promised myself to spend the new years alone in my room watching the fireworks on my tv, but i had begged to differ. I ended up with freinds over my house and getting smashed, walking out of my house, getting yelled by the police, and dancing on the roads. It was such a lovely way to spend the new year with the besties and a night to never be forgotton .
January :
- New Year
-Senior 2010
- Starting school

2010, yes its rather scary to think that it's already a new year. It felt like time has crept away and that aging has become the biggest realisation in life as i start my senior year. This year is my last year of highschool, yes year 12 then i am a free women , with my own choices in life. My top piorities will definitely be about studying as much as i can, but my mind can't shift from the fact that i will not have a social life when i start it. This year is it, i can't look back , only looking forward cause this is the first step im taking into my future.

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